Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts~Ya its gonna be worth a read

Besides the basics of my weekends lately of Studying, oh and STUDYING and a little more workbook pages and STUDYING. I also spend time pondering as well. Now Now dont run off Im being very serious here.

So as it is does it really matter to anyone else but me that some days the dust puppies(most people like my mom call them dust bunnies but in my house they are made of dog fur) chase me and stick to my perfectly clean white socks and favorite pair of brown Old Navy comfy pants(correct word is lounge wear but not in our house)

Does it gross anyone else out when your dog sneezes on your feet or burps in your face? YEP Serious on this too! Maybe the whole feet thing is it because I like perfect feet and toes.

Speaking of perfect toes once my self given French Pedicure was dry I had to pick dog hair out of em. Yes its best to wait otherwise it screws up your paint job.

Ok so onto something more upbeat in honor of Valentines Day here is some Monkey Love going on in our house. who doesnt love Sock Monkeys?


Dawn said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one spending all their free time studying and picking animal fur out of fresh paint. In my case it was cat fur and a freshly painted table but I'm sure if I painted my nails, the fur would show up there too.

Love the sock monkeys!