Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Family and Prayers

I want to thank everyone who have said prayers and kept my father in law in their thoughts and hearts. He went for his result from his kidney biopsy that they performed last tuesday. The results were negative thank the Lord, but he is still really sick. So now it comes to the point of still struggling to find out why is blood pressure is low when its always been high. Why is he still dizzy and nautious all the time pretty much since the beginning of December. So therefore he gets dehydrated and visits the ER to get fluids this has happened twice now once today. Carlee wants him on Mystery Diagnosis AFTER he gets better. He is the strong person who holds this side of our family together like my mom does on my side. I hope soon he can feel himself and wanna take the Vette out and have the energy to work on his motorcycles. Just gotta keep praying...



Kim said...

Thinking about your family Alicia, hope things start coming around for you all.