Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vampiress:In Training

I FINALLY got to draw blood on a REAL person today! Kathy the nurse at work who normally does the blood drawing allowed me to "practice" on her and I got her the first stick in the arm. Unfortunatly not so good on the hand. Our DON promised she would help me with that tomorrow cause we have lots of those types at our facility.

Wanna say thanks for the posts and comments it gave me the warm fuzzy I was looking for with such a stressful few weeks around the Day Cherry Street house. Ryans still awful sick, I felt bad leaving him puking into the trashcan on my side (TMI YES but did you catch I said MY SIDE) of the bed this morning as I was leaving for work. But it was 7am I had to go I did come home at lunch and bring him 7-Up for good wife measures.

I cant believe its been almost 2 years since we went on our Cruise with my family. Carlee and I talk ALL the time about going back but I have a feeling it will be around her graduation time. Thats 5 years from now but it will come fast and she will also be 18 so it may be one big party between my family and her dads family who all plan on going. But I am telling you I am so ready for my toes in the sand, little umbrella shaded drinks, coconut oil tan and SUN!