Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remembering Whats Important

Sometimes I get discouraged when I dont have comments. Sometimes I think "I shouldnt blog everyday Honestly here at least every other day because what if someone misses something? Well whats really important is this is FOR ME! So its ok if noone posts a comment I guess because all that matters is that when my head is full and swimming it has a place to go. I know there is medication for this and I do take Buspar(thats to keep me from biting peoples heads off and spitting it back out) dont you wanna be my bestest friend now? I had considered writing them down in a journal, ya know cause my latest love is these Moleskine Love but then I would be typing it up for here anyways so whats the point of doubling up my already busy life. I guess now since I got the purse I love I had to find a new addiction, so I go to Flickr ALOT and look at everyones Moleskines and THEY R COOL!! Still besides a planner what else could I use one for? Oh dont get me started; dont EVEN get me started!

I do wanna give a BIG HUGE thanks to Brandy angels were with us when Carole my mother in law decided having Home Health would be helpful until she gets more comfortable with the peg feeding tube. Thankfully she was on call and came to visit them today and I am just so so happy it was her.

I finished the book Precious this morning and WOW. Not sure what else to say but WOW. Very hard core stuff. Amazing but eye opening, even for a girl who works at a Correctional Facility.



Lion Dusti said...

There are days I love blogging, but there are days it is a little of a chore because I feel like I'm behind in updates and with pictures... I still need to get with you to show you how to use Picasa, which I love... But I am a complete Blog Lurker when it comes to commenting! I've got a list of blogs to go through so I usually just read and click on without comments! My Bad! :-) Bet there are more like me who are reading but not commenting, and we enjoy the updates, whether we say so or not!

The Curtis Family said...

I am HEEERE!!! and reading everyday!! I know what you mean about not getting can be frustrating especially when you don't know if anyone is reading!!! for some reason you still don't show up on my Blogger dialy reading list so I have to manually click to read. That means you are SPECIAL to me!!! Keep posting!! Love ya!!

Kim said...

Alicia, I always check in to see what your up to and what book you are reading. I went to see the movie "Dear John" and loved it!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I sometimes feel the same way--wondering why I blog? Does anyone really care what I'm saying?

I always love coming over to visit you since I hardly see ya! Keep have followers even if they don't comment!

Laura said...

I'm here, I'm here!!! I check in on your blog all the time to see what you're up to :) It can be discouraging to not get comments, but I just keep the mindset that I'm doing my blog for ME and my family, first and foremost...and if others enjoy it along the way, that just makes me extra happy!!

Keep bloggin' sista!

Brandy Cuevas said...

I'm not very good at commenting mostly because I am lazy I think :-) I enjoy your blog though because I NEVER see you so it's nice to see how you and your family are doing!

Thanks for the shout out, but truly no thanks needed! Just glad I could be there because it can be very intimidating! They are wonderful and how did you get such good In-Laws?!?