Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whoa Guess I needed that!

Since my post on Tuesday I read the book "Dear John" in 3 days!! Thanks for the referral Brandy C. I wouldnt have read it unless you hadnt suggested it.

I woke up at noon 30! Serious! I did get up and take the dog out to pea at 8:30 am and laid back down just for a few minutes. Guess a night out with the girls and sleeping in was in my unwritten agenda and so not planned. I had a blast with Kathy, Elisabeth, Danelle, Vicki Tuaca lol, Christal, Cherie and Ms Diann! Amazing that we all werent scrapbooking. There was TuTu making; posterboard making; computer work and cards as well!

And for my favorite part of Saturdays  Its Caturday! Click the linky and get some good laughs

Kenny was released from the hospital around 2 today and is at home walking and gaining strength back which we are super thankful for. Soon I will be getting him some BBQ! We are having dinner tonight with Lynn and Bryan Felts, and Joanne Romero ready for some good Enchiladas!