Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Im done, I am officially (once I get the paperwork) a Certified Dental Assistant. I will be a registered Dental Assistant once I test in July. That is when I will have the year required as well as the course I complete. I averaged a 93 in the class so I cannot complain and am glad I am finished. It will take the guilt away of scrapbooking all weekend long and not feeling like I should be studying. I will be congratulating myself with this http://www.pandora-jewelry.com/US/Jewelry/Charms/Sterlingsilver/79171.aspx The Snake: According to Greek mythology, the snake symbolizes healing energy.

The job situation is still unsteady with no certanties so its a waiting game. My mom checked the Wichita Eagle for jobs, I am sure I will soon be learning to enjoy traveling if thats the case. Gotta have benefits so that may just be what it takes. Cross that bridge when it comes and just thank the Lord I have a job now and maybe on the side I can learn to swing on a pole LOL just kidding.

My next 2 days are with the Dentist and then Friday morning at 10 am I am heading to CROP A GANZA!! Whoo Hoo!

Thanks for your support and friendships