Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes Leslie I do make housecalls. There isnt anything that skeers me.

So I am reading and dang suprised I am still upright. Exhausted from the week and the ups and downs of wondering where this job will go with all the threatening of closings going on around me.

The book is amazing and scary knowing his son first tried drugs a 12. My child is 12 and I dont want her to leave to go to her dads anymore or anywhere in general.

I hope everyone has a great valentines day, steffanie posted a really cool idea here ----> pretty sure at 11 pm I have no chance in having 70 degree weather or getting this project all done before tomorrow morning. its dang cool though needed to see that about 7 days ago.
Off to sign my card for Ryan, my mom brought all us ladies at work red carnations with babys breath in old Coke bottles. But me I got a Dr.Pepper bottle the only one she had. I gotta take pics tomorrow if I can get one of the 2 cameras to work.


Laura said...

Cute picture of you two :)
Thanks for all the pic comments on my blog! I have so much fun snappin' shots of my boy!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!