Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lesson Learned Today:Always Ask
I havent been able to find my tweezers for 2 days and there was some stray eyebrows that needed some attention before they looked like antennas. So on my way downstairs to borrow from Ryan I casually asked Carlee if she knew where my tweezers were. Silly me I thought I had them stashed in an organized way that I only knew they were there. Thats the punishment of being organized everyone can find your stuff TOO!
Anyways so she says "Ya hold on" and comes out of the living room with them. At this point I feel it is in my best interest to ask what they were being used for. Her reply "To feed Pete (the Gecko) his worms.
EWWW GROSS!! I couldnt use em. The thought of smashed meal worm guts connecting to my face did me in. I will be using burning alcohol on those before bed. IICCK!

OMGoodness have you seen these?  Cutie Pie Baskets I hope I am not still on bag restriction cause I am thinking that one at the bottom would be so DARN HANDY!!

Well just a little break from studying. I am starting Chapter 2 the reading is easy its the 22 pages of workbook that follow that are killing me and I have to have up to Chapter 3 done before Tuesday EEK!

I broke away for an hour to watch Carlee cheer this evening. I havent been able to watch her cheer at all so I knew it was important as a Mama to catch some of this and support her. Bless her heart her legs are like flamingos!

Saturday Carlee will be joining the talented Mrs. Laura Elephant Juice Photography for a photo shoot. She has changed alot in the last year and I wanna capture this, and Pete the Gecko and Blue our furbaby. Then Carlee and I some quality time for her 13th birthday. Pretty excited about that.



Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Can't wait to see the pics...
I know they will be great!!