Monday, January 18, 2010

well so much for renaming the blog. I guess I have become such a slacker that only Shandra, Laura and Danelle read my blog but not everyday.

Something will come I guess. SO I am working on Crop Camp stuff, I know I know dont panic its in April but me I am going OMGOODNESS ITS IN APRIL THIS IS JANUARY HOLY SCHNIKEES!! Check out all the info here if you havent been in a while, check it out we offer different packages now.

So I am working on emailing vendors and getting donations. We have picked the Cowley County Humane Society so we all are SUPAH excited to get great things for them. Even pets suffer in this economy and are given up. I see some of these furry creatures at work and watch how patient and understanding the inmates are and how great they train them so it will be nice to reward those fuzzy creatures.



Lion Dusti said...

Heyya. Miss you. My birthday is coming up Feb. 5th, so clear your schedule that night and plan on Nieves & margaritas! Will be good to see you again!