Sunday, January 16, 2011

A week of journaling all today..just for me and you too!

Yesterday and today I completed ALOT of my "ToDo" list. If I didnt make a list I wouldnt get anything done. It reminds me and encourages me especially when I am able to mark off things off the list so thats beneficial to my well being.

Today or really this evening I helped Kathy pack 13 page kits for Crop A Ganza and this was done in less than two hours ladies. So really it IS possible!

So on to the WHOLE week of journaling prompts because I just didnt get to them I guess.

Monday, January 10

*Am I happy with my job, life, and situation? Yes to all 3 What parts are good?Love my job, but its frustrating, I have to use the answer "Im not a Nurse" ALOT! What parts are bad? I wish my husband could be pain free and happy and active its quite frustrating to be so active alone.

* What are you thankful for?  My family and my job. So many people have lost jobs; marriages falling apart around me. I am just trying to hold on.

*When have you realized you were really wrong in your judgment about someone?  I trusted someone to be really genuine about our friendship when you realize its only a useful relationship when they need something. So over that, you should only appreciate your friends.

Tuesday, January 11

*What are you pessimistic about? 
People being able to heal. Even working in the healthcare field I want to be able to make my loved ones better.

*Make a list of five ways you've changed in the last five years. 

1) Im happier going to work everyday
2) I feel I have more time for my family
3) I get the chance to learn every day and Im learning to be a good listener and less an automatic opinionator.
4)More open to change but less travel, and sleep more
5) I read alot more than I ever did

What changes do you wish to make in the next five years?
I want to learn to coupon and save money which is a neccessity for us right now
2) I want to get more active as far as walking or biking
3) Journal more, I have 4 years left with Carlee I wanna remember it all
4) Get Ryan surgery and on the road to healing
5)Make the changes in my house that have been on my TODO list for a while

*When's the last time you made a new friend?  
Last weekend when I taught. Several Actually!

Wednesday, January 12

*What is your earliest memory?
Me and my Big Wheel at our house in Larned. Why has it stayed with you? That was before my parents seperated (they remarried later) and we were all outside and me and my Mickey Mouse Big Wheel were haulin and peelin concrete.

*What is the most frustrating part of who you are?  
My Hair, not straight, not curly just all crazy.

*What are your simple pleasures?  
Hot bath and a good book
Thursday, January 13 

*What are the last 10 books you've read?  
Oh wow so many, Loving Frank, Oh wow let me add to this later.

*What are some adjectives that describe you?  
Organized, high strung, energetic

*Did you have a favorite aunt or uncle?  
Yes, my Aunt Becky

Friday, January 14 

* The people that bring out the best in me are: 
My scrapbook friends, I can laugh and snort and wear my jammies and not wear makeup and there is no judging its just all fun.

*The greatest lesson that I have taught someone else is... WOW
um I dont know

*Things that I hope are better next year are... 
My father in laws health, My husbands health, The family business.

Saturday, January 15
*10 ways that I can help someone else are...  

1) Be a good listener
2) Help only when asked
3) give and opinion only when asked
4) encourage them to be strong
5) let them know they are valuable to me
6) Tell them I love them
7) tell them what they mean to me
8) let them know they are appreciated
9) never take advantage of them
10) be a backbone when they cant

*Describe yourself physically and emotionally - what makes you who you are in these areas?
Physically I would like to say strong but not bench pressure. Emotionally I try to be strong but get frustrated and hold things in because I dont like to upset people

So thats it. Alot to read and fill free to fill in anything that I missed if you wish. I would love to hear from my friends.



Karen said...


I just wanted to tell you that reading this blog was like talking to you. You are so aware of who you are, it's amazing!

As far as not being able to fill in the blanks on what you have taught someone -- oh my gosh girl!! How about organization? I told Chuck the other day that I always thought I was organized until I met you! :) And how about caring? I still remember you bringing scrapbook books to read over to me when I had my first knee surgery. No one else did that!

You spread happiness wherever you go. I still miss you at my work place but I also wish you the best in where you are now.

Let me know when I can come scrap with you!!!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Look at you go! Lots of things here to give us all something to think about. Thanks for sharing.

The Curtis Family said...

I LOVED reading this! Your journaling is great! You have taught me many things over the years, my friend. Not just about organization but about being a good person and staying positive. I love when we get to hang out-you are just too much fun and so easy to have a convo with! I am looking forward to GANZA with you...come check out my pretty organized paper any time you want! Now, if I could just find a container big enough to keep it all in!