Sunday, January 09, 2011

Journaling And Reflection

So Yes yesterday was amazing and fun and so inspiring. Even as I am teaching organization getting to brainstorm about new ways to organize and see other peoples ways are just so motivating. As they are writing TO DO lists I myself am to!
I met 11 new ladies and hope to continue to keep in contact and scrapbook with them. Oh and Ladies. I have your names, those who are going to Crop A Ganza I will be there. I will find your seat. I will check in on you. LOL Scary Stuff HUH?

Journaling Prompts from the week are below, if you are interested please join in and linky me. You can see the original post here

*The greatest lesson that I have taught someone else is...
Today after yesterday I would say to organize; do a little something nice for someone and dont expect payback; hope they pay it forward.

*When I think about my interests, talents, gifts and passions I know that I am...
Reading for my sanity; scrapbooking to preserve memories so they dont get lost; making people laugh because we all need it; always willing to learn. I know that I am on this earth for a reason and I may not know that reason until the day I leave but everyone is giving a purpose and I hope I am filling that purpose.

*Write a letter of appreciation to someone special:
This will be done private I am sure you understand



The Curtis Family said...

Oh-I am taking that couponing class at the Rec Center next Thursday night from 7-8:30. You should go with me!!