Monday, December 03, 2007

Hey Ladies~

I know I have been demanding lately asking for stuffs from you all but here I go again.

Miss Carlee is having a difficult time, her dad and Melissa have decided to "breakup" as she calls it and she seems to be ok for now but only time will tell. Yesterday she was testy and short so we reevaluated the attitude and moved forward.

Just keep her in your mind this week for me she will appreciate it more than she knows.


Michielle said...

So sorry to hear about Carlee's 'other house' situation!!! Maybe the Holidays is part of the problem and they will see things in a new light after all the holidays are over!!?? I hope that Carlee can keep her chin up and remember that she has a WONDERFUL home with you and I'm sure that her Dad still loves her regardless of what's happening there. I'll be thinking of her AND you!! Love ya

Summer said...

Sorry to hear about what Carlee is going through. Keeping you girls in my thoughts & prayers!! Hugs!