Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A little back ground for those who have gotten to know me recently and for Connie, Carol Jean and Aunt Bo the family who already know these couples. The 1st set is my Grandpa Floyd and my Grandma Bertie Gearhardt. I believe that picture was taken when they lived in Durango Colorado when my grandfather worked for the railroad. My Grandma Bertie left us in 95 not too long after I graduated highschool, she was the babysitter and who we went to when we were sick, we didnt need our mamas we had Grandma Bertie. My grandpa Floyd passed away a few days after Christmas almost 2 years ago and that impact alone he had on me will stay forever.
The second set is my Grandma Donna Jean and Grandpa Lloyd Strobel. I lost my grandpa Lloyd when I was a sophmore and miss him everyday and see soo much of my dad in him. I learned my hard work ethics from him and know why I carried that name for along time. My grandma Donna or Grammy Grape as she is known to Carlee is still with us and I hope to keep it that way for awhile. I havent learned how to make chicken and noodles or embroider or those darn sugar cookies that melt in my mouth. Boy sounds like her and I have alot to do :)
Ok this whole poll thing is going pretty well. It 1. Verifies to me that at least 5 people read my blog and 2. Scarily enough people trust me to help them organize more time into their day. So for those 5 that voted tell me what you would like tips on :)