Sunday, April 17, 2011

So a little bit of dirt digging

The last two weekends I have been cleaning out flower/plant beds and planting pots. My friend Flower Kathy Johnson not to be confused with Scrapbook Kathy Johnson has a greenhouse out east of Winfield called Flying Begonias. So last weekend and this weekend I have been planting flowers and herbs and some veggies. The fun veggies like Cucumbers and 3 different kinds of peppers.

This is my lettuce plant my mother in law gave us. Yes its just like Spinach Leaf Lettuce and yummy! Raspberry Vinegrette and Sweet Vidalia Onion Dressings are my favorite.

This pot contains Parsley and Cilantro.

This one contains Lemon Leaf Basil and regular basil along with some Thyme. (Cant grow enough of that lol)

This has a Misquito Shoo plant and some Zinnas

This is my cucumber teepee which was made out of cane to help them grow big and tall. There is the Diva Cucumber and the Taste of Asia Cucumber.
 I also have 3 different kinds of peppers in here: We have your basic Jalepeno; Hungarian Hot Banana Pepper and Red Beauty Sweet Pepper.

WHEW Time to rest.