Friday, July 06, 2007

4th of July. My goal is to remind my parents every time they take the grandchildren somewhere to take the digital camera that we bought dad for christmas. That is my daughter the 3-4th kid on the left with the pink tank top doing a balloon toss in Ark City on Wednesday. Both her and my niece had a blast. Course you can't see her because she is soo small.
7 Days Ladies~ I am close to letting you know what date and times we will assemble our albums so bear with me as I sort thru that stuff.
Cropper Hopper ladies its almost time. I hope you are prepared to totally be organized and accomplish pages every time you sit to crop. This will happen just as Steff and the other ladies who took this challenge and succeeded and you will too!
PLEASE PLEASE go here and check out these shirts. They rock and go to a good cause so you can't be that and hey guess what its "OK To Fight Like A Girl"