Sunday, July 22, 2007

Did you hear I am famous HOW COOL IS THAT ?

I dont promote products unless I strongly believe in them and I still will never question how the Clip it Up changed my life and could yours too.

TO MY ORGANIZATIONAL LADIES thank you for a phenomenal day!! I had a blast visiting and getting to know each of you and hope I get to crop with you all very soon and see how each of your progress is going. Here is a little picture from yesterday.
I have some things to share soon just need some breathing time. I went home and organized some myself. I cut up a bunch of my white scraps of paper and made swatches of all my paint. I know its crazy BUT I LOVE IT!! I bought a business card holder from WalMart for like $4 and its fits in my purse to take to the Attic so I dont purchase duplicate colors.


3divasmommie said...

I just love your ideas!! I feel so much calmer when I look at my beautifully organized paper and cardstock!! Thanks for such a great class. I would recomend it to everyone who scraps!!

Kristy Mullins

Liz S said...


I spent all day Sunday in my scrap area organizing. I'm almost done. I would be done if my husband would fix the leak where I keep my paper, LOL. Even my rubber stamps are organized, YIPPEE.

I just loved your class, it was soooo helpful and motivational.

See ya in August at Crop Ganza


Theresa said...
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