Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I know I know where have I been? Going down crazy lane as fast as I can and grabbing ahold of what ever I can as I round the corner screaming "WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?"""

That has been the last 2 weeks, sure I was on vacation/in between jobs the 23-27 but that week FLEW by!! Tuesday we did the lake thing with Gina and Flower Kathy(different than scrapbooking Kathy) and just chilled I think I got home at 9:30 but didnt check because HEY WHO CARES I didnt work the next day. Then I pretty much worked on my bathroom the painting and measuring and my BIL came over Saturday and added plug ins I got 4 MORE! That was great considering I just had 2! We had 6 things plugged into a 2 holer with adapters nice huh? Monday I started my new job at the prison and the days are flying by, I have dental days for the next 2 days and they are 10 hour days but today I was off at 3, could have been earlier but I was too busy. CRAZY how can time fly while you are working its amazing how I will have PLENTY to do!

I hope to post pics of the 3 day weekend, I appreciate you ladies who still stay interested in me :) XOXO Love Ya All and I will miss Kathy she leaves Thursday and Shan has already left the state :(