Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yep its true seriously the 4th of September HOLY CANOLI!!

I honestly have been on the puter (computer) as Kathy, Shandra and I call it but I have been devoting my time to Crop Camp. Good thing since thats REALLY whats important right?

Lots of nice coupons and goodies and certificates coming so I hope the new bucket of emails you all likey the results.

7 Days ladies I am revamping this class, thinking about doing it FOR SURE in Andover and Fall Crop Camp, I cannot wrap my head around doing one at home with my life right now. We pulled 7 yes 7 teeth from one head yesterday that is the most in one sitting for me. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE BRUSH AND FLOSS the outcome isnt pretty. The Doc says if you wash between your fingers and toes its no different then flossing between those teethies!! ICK

Anyways that is my rant on proper oral hygiene this week, I didnt do anything crazy this time like sneeze with my mask on or suck my hair in the suction tube (and yes I have done this and it gives you the eebie jeebies when you realize what went down that tube before you sucked and pulled your hair out of it) DOUBLE ICKY!

So the 7 Days thing email me I am finalizing the design and hope to have Steffanie approve it for Andover and we will go from there. I HOPE I am signed up for the Soldering Class they are doing in a few weeks if you are too and wanna carpool call me 620-222-2580 cause thats the fastest or text me but put your name. I had to get a new phone and dont have everyones #'s. Sorry


Laura said...

sounds like you have been busy :) Kim mentioned the 7 days class to me, you'll have to let us know when you have more details.

Will you make sure you have my yahoo email in your mailing list and not my old work one? thanks!

oh-do you still need business cards?