Sunday, September 21, 2008

For you Crop Campers I want you to know I have been SUPA Busy organizing and planning and emailing today. Vendors are coming along but we could use a few if you know any.

Yoder Haus girls my stuff is packed, ok little fib still gotta get the clothes packed but they are the comfy kind wont need to do laundry before then they are all cleaned and ready.

This was my last full weekend home for 2 weeks so you may hear from me may not. I still have lots left on my "Sunday To Do List" sheets have been on the line since 9 gotta go get em. Have to finish knitting a coozie, work on my bulletin board for work, OH and I soldered 4 necklaces this weekend SO COOL! Thanks to Renee and Jana I have yet to set anything on fire but I am just a beginner so there is still time!


Shandra said...

You better be packed. I'm picking your stuff up in 2 days. :) I just posted on my blog for the first time since July 14th, I'm such a loser. :)~ I put on a picture of the bike so at least I had news. :)
Can't wait to scrap with you this weekend and ride with you and diann on the way up there will be a hoot.