Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Past and Present..Not Welcome

So I have held out sharing these. I guess because its difficult for me to imagine this is my one and only child. As you can see in the first picture she looks quite different. That picture was taken in August of 2009. The next 2 were taken on the first day of 8th grade and it doesnt seem like its the same child. It seems every year she looses the chubbiness in her face and is just a little more less cuddley. I totally get when people arent into hugging and snuggling with me, cause its not squishy I realize now its like a rectangle box with sharp corners.

Now she is 13 due to be 14 in January. The attitude is different but I can still make her laugh. Due to an experience this evening she will NEVER tell me she has hiccups. LOL I was just driving along thinking to myself "Wonder if I scared her what would happen" so driving along I let out a blood curdling scream and she screamed about to total tears. I am still laughing. Mean yes, entertaining yes, scarring her for life? Probably, but hey we both laughed to tears after. And it makes her think to always expect the unexpected.



Liz S. said...

Alicia you are too funny! I 'bout peed myself when I read what you did to her, I can so hear you screaming!!! ROFLMAO