Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Oh the places I have been

Well 1st I must share this lovely video of myself doing my version of Baby Got Back Alicia Got Back. Just click that linky and you will be entertained and either be really glad to know me or disown me what ever you wish.
As you can see from the lovely video Crop A Ganza was a blast and a much needed get away for so many of us.

I began my Monday with lots of work and lack of sleep. Going to work at 6am Tuesday to get blood draws done before an 8am meeting then training today OMG 4 hours and 6 cups of coffee got me thru it. Then Training from 8-10am tomorrow then dental, then dental all day Friday. Then Carlee will be getting Bieber fever at the movies while I third wheel it with Dave and Shandra for a movie while our girls scream over the Beiber.

I thought sleep catch up would be Saturday but OH SO WRONG was I there will be a 10am softball practice in Ark City for Carlee. Shandra and I will be doing a little looking in Ark City but I cannot delve that lets just say there could be a change coming in the Crop Camp front. And it isnt the type that comes with 8 inches of flipping snow!!

Tshirts for Spring Crop Camp should be found here soon! Be watching



J. Turner said...

Too funny - I wish I would have been there to witness that movie in the making. Looks and sounds like everyone loved it.