Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time goes on..

Sometimes with us sometimes without us.

Had an amazing day teaching 10 wonderful ladies who I am sure at some point during the day, whether it was in the begining or in the middle questioned why the heck they paid for some crazy girl to tell them to dump out all their scrapbooking supplies; categorize them; purge; assign and containerize.

I taught yesterday in Andover at my favorite store Scrap Funattic and it was a great day to stay inside and organize no doubt. I know we all become so overwhelmed by daily life and I myself struggle sometimes too with the fact that I teach organization but some days in my house it doesnt seem that way.

TO DO lists are my life! We discussed yesterday about a "Fancy Special" my new favorite word from Mrs.Judy Kruse that we had sections. One for PICTURES TO BE PRINTED and one for "LAYOUTS TO DO" that way we are never confused about what is going on in the world of Scrapbooking. Why stay organized in that world? Because we scrapbook to enjoy and have fun not to be stressed; and just like our house we have to have a little jump start or a discipline or a sketch to begin.

For me being able to check mark off something gives me the sense of accomplishment and when I feel like I didnt have a productive day I can just go to this list and see that even if it was one or two things it was completed and that is ok.

Ladies remember you are your own judge; your scrapbooks are the way you like and noone can judge you on your pages except yourself. If you like it that is ALL THAT MATTERS.

Please have a wonderful day and week. In 9 days I will be 34 so I am sure there will be some birthday fun to share.



Shannon said...

Hi Alicia. I had a great time at the organization class. It really helped a lot and I came home and cleared out three sets of 3 drawer bins, 1/2 of my PBS and another larger drawer. Not saying I PURGED a whole lot but as long as it fits on my clip it up I'm happy for right now. Also happy that the clip it up fits into my armoire!! Still need to get some pages kits put together and can't wait to see how it all works for me in two weeks time when my BFF comes for a week of scrapping! Thanks again!
Shannon Robinson (I was sitting closest to the front door...)