Friday, June 13, 2008

So yesterday was crazy busy, I had a meeting at Husky at 3 until 3:30 left there and headed to Dr.Parsons office and watched the end of a root canal and all of a tooth extraction. SOO Very cool. I learned alot, stuff books dont teach you, like the fact that if the tooth is bad enough it wont come out in one piece. I have so much respect for Dr.Parsons he had to work, dig, chisel, drill and repeat to get it all out. Crazy Stuffs

Carlee had a game at 6 which we won, she wasnt happy with her pitching I thought she did great but she is her own worst critic. The second game she was up to bat and dodging balls cause the pitcher was off a bit and they called it because of lightening. Then it just got uglier here from that point, rain, thunder, lightening and rattling the windows. NICE

Our AC got fixed yesterday and replaced due to the nice lightening strike, thank GOODNESS for insurance and fast heating and air guys cause it was starting to get sticky :)