Monday, June 09, 2008

A week I know, and I know alot of people arent reading as much now that they have to be invited. Its all for safety reasons and the last post explains that.

Lots of going ons, I will be having a garage sale on June 21st. If you are interested in the "private presale for friends" just email me. My grandmother has sent some really cool vintage stuffs, I will have clothes and scrapbooking of course, my sister in law has stuffs and we will have flowers too!

So I will be preparing that stuff for my grandma and cleaning out my things and preparing to begin my new job. Missing the scrapbooking world but my head is full of dental terms so it gets the back side for a bit.

Saturday night Lena stayed the night and the AC went out at her house and ours. Funny how that works, both my sis and I are without AC on our main levels of our homes.