Thursday, May 22, 2008

I know its been over a week. And honestly I cannot tell you what I have accomplished but being a taxi for a green eyed 11 year old honestly. Sunday we did some dirt work (again) and pulled out ivy along the house. Along with the ivy we discovered our sewer pipes and a water spicket we didnt know we had. Wont much longer we decided to cap it because we never used it and we almost broke it off the house with the tractor, couldnt see it or the sewer pipes because of all the darn ivy crap. Later on that day my dad called to tell me that the Mini Doberman Pinscher we have had in our family for over 15 years passed away so we all took that hard, my mom was out of town on work so it was difficult cause she is the strong one, my dad and Carlee and I just bawled.
We have had softball practice 2 times this week and Carlee is digging this pitching thing. She has practiced alot and Blue retrieves the ball which totally helps her not having to run after it.
Hoping to repaint chairs over the weekend but they require power washing and at this point they are warning our area of KS for severe weather all weekend. Saturday night is UFC Ill Will and I WILL be watching it, some really awesome fighters going for what they want its a big mix of some good ones so its a not miss.
I am hoping to get up to date on my Big Picture Class. I do a little each evening, there is audio and papers to fill out and layouts to do. I hope to post if I can get caught up.


wolffx5 said...

What big picture class are you taking?