Wednesday, May 28, 2008

some things that need to be said and I will clue you all in soon. Lots of changes and a sale coming up. Just wanted you all to visit this blog love the colors but most of all the decision Laura has made. The recently had a son and she has decided to stay home and be a momma. I have soo much respect for her, granted I will miss her at the Arts and Humanities council, who will get my donations now? But the fact that they are making it work for her family and son is an experience lots of us only wish we could do or could have done.


Laura said...'re so sweet! Thanks for the kind words. I'm so blessed to be able to do this. Of course I'm nervous about making it work financially, but I know it's possible, and it's a challange I'm willing to face in order to stay with my baby boy!
Oh, don't worry...someone at the art center will gladly take your donations :) We LOVE them and appreciate them so much!
Thanks for being such a sweetheart, Alicia!