Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ok Seriously. Someone explain to me how I can make money blogging. You gotta go here and watch the morning show segment with Heather and hear about the software engineer who last year made 10% more than she ever had working. WTH? Seriously? I am sure if that was my only job was to blog I could be more consistent if a paycheck followed it.

ANYWHO! Last night was the 2nd game of a preseason softball tournament and Carlee pitched. No she has never pitched before and bless her heart a few times she almost did the baseball throw but she pitched a heckuva an inning and I couldnt have been more excited for her.

I am in the midst of a Big Picture Scrapbooking class called "The Art of Choosing Joy" a second in its series so its been my focus on my down time. What little of that there is lately. Will share as I get further in. it requires some serious self discipline which is difficult when I have my garden to tend to, chairs that need painted and a family to love and care for. Yep I am tired.


Brazle's said...

Hey Girl...
Was starting to wonder about you...glad you're still kickin!

p.s. where is it you go and get a "bloggin job?"