Monday, May 05, 2008

Ok if you wanna see the cruise pics they are down below, as more get shared with me I will share with you.

So I am sure you were wondering if seeing Kenny Chesney live was worth it friday night? HECK YA!! It was soo worth it, granted I would have like to get a picture with him or something but its all good, he puts on a heck of a show. And LeAnn Rimes WOW gorgeous girl and so down to earth and fun.

Saturday we did the parade for Kanza Days then at 1 Carlee went to the church and I went shopping at Flying Begonias and got the coolest plants and herbs EVAH!! That was a blast! Came home and planted then picked Carlee up came and planted more, took her to a birthday party and then Ryan and I did some more. Sunday my mother in law came over and we planted and designed and finshed the planters and I couldnt be happier. I will totally post pics the transformation from last years weed pit to now is soo amazing! I couldnt have done it without Ryan and my mother in law Carole they helped and worked so hard with me and I am thrilled!!

Sunday afternoon Carlee and I went out to a friends house in the country and she played got dirty we all took tractor rides and saw new baby tiny kittens and just visited. It was relaxing and nice and just overall a very accomplished fun and crazy weekend!


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