Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seriously thats it. Less than 48 hours before I leave for Crop Camp. You know us in charge leave our homes at 8am in order to be prepared to crop, eat and hang out with our 80+ favorite people.
Did you know we have some new vendors this year? YEP YEP! Scrapbookin' IN Sapulpa and this chick is soo sweet I have talked to her and am loving her personality you wont be dissapointed shes like Stacy's mom, she's got it going on.

OH and the TLC chick rocks too and she has great hair. Seriously talk to her get to know her. She is from Bartlesville and will be a fun happy camper.

And Mrs Marty Spangler. A seriously rockin' CM Chick, love her, love her crops and her talent. She is one fun lady so you will enjoy her emensely.

I unpacked and labeled all the t-shirts and pants last night and can't wait to slide on my new pants and some fuzzy socks and do some serious, eating, cropping and teaching!