Monday, March 26, 2007

Well we survived..If anyone has any pictures please email them I would love to see them. I never even got 1 picture taken.

To Liz S from Wichita, seriously girl you crack me up loved meeting you hanging with you and sharing a ride. And thanks again for loading my green Jeep with the Winfield sticker. tee hee

To Shandra and Kathy~you girls make this all worth it. For your organization and clear thinking and always cracking me up my life wouldnt be complete with out you two.

To my table mates,Vicki, Donna, Kathy, Crystal and Andrea my tummy still hurts from laughing and cracking up and eating chips and salsa and whatever those sea salt things were that Vicki had they were soo good.

To all the girls who took my Page Maps class thanks for your support. If you ever have questions please email me any time I would love to help

We are getting close to moving. I know I am sure it seems long time coming to you all now you can imagine how its been for us. I hope to post a picture of it soon to be able to share it with everyone. Til next time.


Liz S said...

Hey Pyscho Chick,

I loved meeting you and the girls at Crop Camp, I can't wait till November!

Been looking for you at the "Attic", haven't seen you scheduled for any classes though, ;-(

Love ya,

Liz S