Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well by this time tomorrow we should be pulling into Camp Wah-Shah-She I can' t wait.
I am ready to get stuff done, and teach and get my toes pretty!!

Gonna miss DH though. Its getting harder and harder to be gone from home. We enjoy hanging out and eating and just being at home. Things have been kaotic with our house and waiting to move the stress has weighed heavily on us both but we are each others rocks so I am a little off balance when I am away from him.

Carlee has had a whirlwind week of Wichita and Deidres and then the zoo Friday and her dads this weekend with family visiting from Colorado and then Deidre will be with here there on Saturday until I get em both on Sunday. Talk about 2 peas in a pod those girls are so much alike it cracks me up. Remind me alot of my best friend and I at the age. Scheming for the next sleepover.

I know I am a wuss but I plan to steal Carlees electric blanket cause this bug sleeps better when she is in a warm rug :)