Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From Lauras Blog Tagged 8's useless facts:

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. The weekend-My 2 dental days are usually Wed and Thurs his week Thurs and Friday and those are 10 hour days.
2. Planting my flower bed and a few veggies.
3. Convincing Ryan to get the Vette out and go to Eureka Springs its been 6 months we need a break.
4. Taking my CDA exam so I can be a REAL dental assistant
5. The lake this summer on Shandras Island with the drink holders!!
6. Cedar Vale Spring Fling this weekend(I work too hard when I stay home)
7. Sleeping in Sunday
8. A good italian meal

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Worked 8 hours
2 and 3 Gave two Pedicures
3. Dishes
4. Fixed a broken toenail
5. Looked at Prom Pics of Susans Daughter SOO PRETTY
6. Showed my mom what we really do at Crop Camp (you tube is great)
7. Weeded my garden
8. Went to bed :)

8 Things I Wish I Could DO
1. Sleep in Every Day
2. Buy new flip flops
3. Get a DSL Camera
4. Be on a cruise(I was this time last year HELLO)
5. Have a housekeeper
6. Get great skin
7. Run in a race
8. Have a kitten

Sorry Laura cant do 8 TV shows, too busy knitting or cleaning :)



Laura said...

When do you take your test to be a REAL dental assistant? Good luck :)

That's good if you're cleaning and knitting instead of watching tv...I watch WAY too much. Well, I've got an episode of Real Housewives playing now, that I'd dvr'd...but I'm not paying much attention to it!

Thanks for the offer to walk down and help with invites. You're too sweet! You have enough to do. I'll get them all done, I just feel like I might have taken on too many summer weddings.