Monday, April 13, 2009

So I am home. I played the stay at home mom role today and let me tell you I dont have it in me I am exhausted. Woke up at 6 with Carlee wheezing ya fat chance of school and prolly a prayer to the Indian Chief that I could get her into the clinic today, so at 8 the calls started. Yes 11:30 is fine, when you visit the Kanza Health Clinic in Newkirk generally the younger generation takes priority if you start calling at 8. So then the next call was to the school, then her dad. I had already called my sister in law because she gives Carlee rides every day. I had already called work, I then turn around and the dog is STILL itching. Screw it called the vet they said bring him immediatly he can get a allergy shot, bath and "paw"dicure so I haul him there and drop him off. I dont get left before they remind me to wash all his blankies and bedding in hot water. GREAT I have already done 3 loads of laundry here. So I got home started a load got into the shower, switched out a load, dried my hair and got dressed and its 10:15. Well in order to get to the clinic at a decent time we have to leave town by 10:45 to allow casino traffic time(serious)
Her lungs were tight so we got a prednisone pack and OH she was due for shots for school and the Indian required shots, they were different and generally the Indians require more to protect future generations I guess. SO 3 needles later into the car we go. We get to Winfield, pick up Blue I make his beds, put her in my bed and go to Dillons, all before 2. Wow, what I have TONS of respect for you mama's God Bless you and your patience.