Saturday, April 25, 2009

I do honestly have pictures but will have to upload tomorrow. Its 9:42pm and I am done worn out not a single ounce of energy left.
I was off work yesterday after about an 11 hour day. Came home took a shower and went to AC to pick up Lena. Us girls went to eat then to get Bolt the movie to watch then home. They crashed after that and I did too.

Got woke up at 7:30 am by my sister and rolled out of bed at 8:30(getting a little extra time in with the hubby) and got the girls around and myself and we got out of Winfield by 11. My goal was 10 with 2 kids I should be more realistic here.

We spent the whole day in Cedar Vale, KS at the SPring Fling with Poppa Jim. Food and Food and more food and the blow ups the kids jump on and did I mention Food and then the BBQ contest and then some more food cause we hadnt had enuf already. SERIOUSLY? I KNOW I KNOW(chime in Marissa here)

So now the 2 inches of dirt is off of me down the drain and no sweaty dirty smell and to bed I go. I ASSUME ha ha the storm will let me sleep but the line of it looks pretty darn hairy now. CRIPES!