Tuesday, April 14, 2009

where to begin. not sure, one .of those days, I have had the same headach for 2 days and I get it when I get really irritated so I guess as you get more irritated it just makes it worse which just keeps irritating me more.
Maybe I have reached that point in my life where I need to be medicated also. most of my friends are and I just get so mad at things and people and my happy face gets hard to show. I have been very unsettled for several days now. I honestly thought it was the hormones ***note to self do not forget to take your birth control 4 days in a row***
So here I set at 9 pm guessing bed is my best option since its a dental day tomorrow and the dentist in charge of all the dental departments will be here. he still makes me a little nervous that I am not doing it all right.
Carlee is worse than yesterday and just fighting to breath and not cough and sneeze poor thing.


Kathy said...

OK you need some more bff time! Maybe you can go out with some friends Friday night and laugh a little.
I too have been having sinus headaches...psudofedrine is my friend today!
See you soon...chin up gf.