Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So the post last night didnt end my night. at 10:30 Carlee just could not breath her coughing was going out of control and gasping. So I called Jane our ANRP and my mom, Jane was already nighty night. Mom drove up from AC and we took her out to the facility to check her oxygen levels and they were a 97 which is EXCELLANT for a tween with allergies and asthma. So we skipped the emergency room which would have been a drive to Ponca City for her Indian Insurance to cover. So once we got back home we gave her a breathing treatment and mom and I tucked her in and I think by midnight we were both in bed.
I was up at 6 so was mom and Carlee so I had Carlee get into my bed called my mom with the morning report of Carlee she gave me the work report and I got ready, found Carlee and Blue our dog in my bed made them both get up and eat breakfast and off we went. I checked on Carlee at lunch today and redosed her then got home at 6 cooked dinner for her Tomato soup and grilled cheese and fed Ryan a salad and his fav chicken from the Dillons deli. Then Blue and I got a walk in. I DID get my Oprah watched from Tuesday SUPA IMPORTANT because Kenny Chesney was on there HEL-LO HOT-EY MA-TOT-EY
ANYWAYS.. so a post then off to bed to work another day with the dentist, with the inmates and mental health. Please pray for me