Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here are just a few a few starters to a wonderful weekend I hope to show you more and if you want to share some of yours with me please do and I will post em here and please also add pictures to our Crop Camp online photo gallery.

Trailer Trash Girls I LOVE EACH OF YOU!! Thank you for taking care of me keeping me from loosing things (except I am missing a key for the building) and feeding me and chauffering me and WOW who was in charge here? LOL

EACH AND EVERYONE of you make a big part of my life and get me excited for the weekend and I am thrilled to be considered your Crop Camp friend. XOXOX more soon!


ErinFiat said...

Thanks again for an awesome weekend! :) I wish I'd had my camera ready for many of the golf cart adventures. ;)

Liz S said...

What a blast we had!! I can't wait till the next one. I wish Fall camp had a "go cart" too! (yes I know it's not a go cart smyers (thief), but like I said, it goes and it's a cart, therefore, it's a "go cart"),LOL.

Anyway, this weekend was so much fun, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and so much. Next camp I'm packing a suitcase of just underwear (ok, maybe Depends) and another for clothes, LOL


Love Ya

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

That was alot of un Alicia... I can honestly say I am not a crop camp virgin anymore!! It was a blast and getting to know people a bit more was grea!!! Oh yea the golf carts were a BLAST... LOVED THEM!!!! Can't wait till the next one... I am sooo there!!!!