Thursday, November 01, 2007

It so is "it's all good!"

R U Excited for Crop Camp? I am! Shandra, Kathy and I are heading out to the camp this evening to get the goodie bags out and get the prizes ready and prepare to see our 100+ favorite ladies and Mike our Guy too!

The silent auction donation items are AWESOME! Shandra and Kathy snagged a few great items mingling with Trick or Treat moms last night and seriously you all wont be dissapointed I am excited to raise $$ for the camp and they so appreciate what us Crop Camp croppers are doing for them.

Trailer Trash Girls~I am bringing a late night snack to share this isnt required but if you were thinking and wanting to we have a fridge. I also bring a drink for myself because we have the fridge but the pop machines will be open at the dining hall. Problem with me with that is I am a skinny bitch and hate HATE being cold and I feel its going to be way too chilly for me to be running back and forth. BRRRR!

Well girls I may not blog again before Sunday if you are coming to Crop Camp just call my cell 620-222-2580 or email me today or late tonight if you need something. Can't wait to see all of you!


Summer said...

have a great weekend!!!!