Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You can't tell we have fun at Crop Camp huh? Michielle sent me these today and she must have know I needed it because twice today I have laughed so hard caffiene has just about came out of my nose. SERIOUS!! How funny are these and HELLO! I am that clueless that I pose for these?


~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

YEAh FOR Michelle!!! Those are great pictures...LOL YOU?? YOU say youre possing for these?? NAHHH you couldn't be..LOL
You are simply precious!!! Luuuvv dem wips!!! MAUUUH! hahahah I can't wait to see more pics of the weekend. Can we see more somewhere???
See you soon


Kathy said...

OMG I need these pics for the website. Funnnnny!