Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yep we are hot and we SOO know it :)

You know how great is this, I have been getting pics emailed to me and I can share them with my family too Like My Aunt Boo in Omaha or my couison Connie in Iowa. Yep they get to see myself and my cute friends and how great Crop Camp is.

I think I should put this picture on the last page of my Crop Camp board book and title it "The End" How funny :)


Michielle said...

Hiay Sweet Cheeks!!! Hey!!! I LOVE your new blog design and colors........their great!! That's a funny picture of you and me in your photo slide show. I had been laughing so looks like I'm 'snockered'!!!! ha!! NOPE, just me!! I've got a wonderful, wonderful pic of you with your fish lips and eyes crossed!!! You do that sooooo well!!! Love ya!!

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

Very cute!! I where is it that I can send the pics I have to you guys?? Michielle you don't look snockered... just very happy to be enjoying your friends!!! All of you girls look sooo cute!!!! Carli is a doll!!!!

see you soon hugs~

iachick said...

Hi Wishy .. love your new blog design - it looks awesome! I wish Iowa wasn't so far away because I'd love to come to one of your crop camps. It looks like you guys have so much fun! Take care and keep the pictures coming! xoxoxoxo Connie

ErinFiat said...

That one of you 3 and the tree is my fave. :)