Sunday, September 23, 2007


1-One thing I'd grab if my house were on fire: Besides my family and pets? Albums and Jewlery(not replaceable you cannot rebuy memories.

2-One thing I wish I could throw away: My stash of makeup I never wear

3-One thing I will never, ever throw away: Mementos of the life that makes me happy

4-Something I lost, and still miss: My class ring it didnt look like a class ring it was soo pretty

5-Something I have kept since childhood: My teddy bear Teddina

6-A food item I will never run out of: Salsa

7-A household brand I am very loyal to: Purex Laundry soap, it seems the Strobels are allergic to Tide ALL OF US

8-Something I sleep with every night: A fan on

9-One thing that's on my wish list: A new truck for Ryan

10-Something I take everywhere I go: Cell phone and lip gloss

11-Something that makes me smile every time I see it: Puppies and kittens

12-Something my children fight over: Just 1 child but her and Lena my niece argue over who gets to rock with Grammy 1st

13-Something I hate to clean: Pottys

14-Something I show off when people visit: My House~I LOVE IT

15-Something I hide when people visit: My Scrapbook room always dissary

16-Something I'm embarrassed to admit I like: no embarrasements people know me

17-Something I collect: Starting to collect gingerbread men (they soo sexy and sweet)

18-Something I avoid at all costs: Confrontation

19-Something that reminds me of my mother: My strive to please everyone and keep everyone happy

20. The best gift I ever received: Carlee and my sister-in-law Traci because she introduced me to Ryan. She knew we just didnt.