Thursday, September 06, 2007

WOW its amazing how quickly a week can go by. Saturday I took the Aweso{me} class at Scrap Funattic with Summer and it was amazing. Already ready for next month can't wait want more challenges come on Summer give me some homework!

I start a BPS class day its called "Scrap Your Scraps" and for all of those who asked questions about organizing your scrap pieces of paper I can't wait to see how it all pans out so that I can help others with a part of organization that haunts me every time I scrapbook.

The picture above is me at the knitting store. I did finish my cell phone cozy and am waiting for this book there is a pattern or 2 I am wanting to attempt so we shall see.

Ryan decided last weekend since we have this HUGE aquarium who used to house Lizzie the very large iguana he had instead of another tank we are doing a home for little lizards and a turtle for me cause I really want one. I think I wanna name it Tink and I dont even have one yet. We hope to go this weekend and check out things for getting it set up in our newly painted basement he and Bry worked hard on over Labor Day. Well I have layouts to post so when I can catch my breath at home I will get those posted along with my class assignments from my BPS class. TTFN


wolffx5 said...

CHECK THIS OUT!!! We (Patterson Racing) just got a book in the mail from your work! Bob??? wrote a note in it to Allan about some stuff Allan called him on! I didn't realize they were good friends. The world is getting so much smaller!

Summer said...

I saw the cell phone cozy sooo cute! Okay I will update the challenges so watch out!

aday said...

AMY~What how crazy is that? Yep Bob designed and built this company starting from his garage over 15 years ago. They have come such a long way. Do you ever get to go to SEMA