Friday, January 04, 2008

Just a heads up for everyone. I am leaving at 8am tomorrow morning to see my Grandmother in Radium KS overnight. OH and visit a scrapbook store/coffee shop HELLO THIS LADY IS A GENIUS!!

Anyways the organiational post will still occure but will not be by noon on Sunday it will be later afternoon. Grandma only gets 3 channels sometimes 4 if the wind is just right so no internet for 24 hours. Scary I know but I will survive :)


Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

Have fun and do tell about that cool sounding scrapbook store/coffee shop.


Steff & the gang!!! said...

hey - what is the store called??? i think i know her!!?!?!

Liz S said...

I wanna go. Scrapbooking and coffee what a great combination.

Brazle's said...

that sounds great things all under one roof! Where in the world is Radium KS? Have fun.

Brazle's said...

just saw that I can't spell the difficult word....TWO! AAHHH
Just on my first cup of coffee this a.m.