Sunday, January 06, 2008

Well I am back and plan to post some pics tomorrow. I didnt get to visit the store in Larned, my sisters fault but I did in Great Bend and they TOO GET THIS HAVE A SCRAPBOOK STORE/COFFEE SHOP!! It was amazing I got jacked up on latte's bought my daughter and niece hot choclate sat em at a table and SHOPPED AND SHOPEED!

I am not sure who all was waiting for this but here we go. I am only sharing things that have worked for me and made my life easier so if certain things dont work for you its all good. Our 1st month will cover mainly the kitchen part of our lives so there will be challenges and once you start it will make life easier.

One of my favorites sites is you all know that the Simple Scrapbooks Organizational book has become my bible and a big teaching tool and Aby is ahmazing.

So step 1 is to go here print off about 10 of these and put one on your fridge and one in front of you.

Next plan out your meals for the next 7 days. Then go to your cupboards, drawers, boxes whatever and take inventory of what you need to make these meals what you dont have add to your list. This 1st week just plan the meals that are tried and true. Like for us Chicken Alfredo, Cola Pork Chops etc. And I will be posting my quickie recipes as I like to call em :)

The reason this has become integrial for me is that at lunch when I am home I know what to thaw out and I am not going to Dillons everyday after work. If it needs to be crock potted I can start some of that prep after dinner the night before, I am already in there whats another 30 right?

Next Sunday we will make our own quick and easy coupon books using the categories on the shopping list/menu planner. In the mean time visit Aby's blog and get inspired.

Post any questions here and I will answer them publicly, as best as possible. Any requests please email or post I have things planned out until April but can always throw things in.

The most difficult part of this is now teaching your family that when they empty something to write it on the list and no more "What's for dinner?" Cause its all right there :)

*****If you haven't taken my Cropper Hopper Class yet this Saturday is our 1st of 2008 and my head has been brimming with new ideas and products the Attic Girls have been rocking for us**


wolffx5 said...

This is great. It seems like everyone is knowing how much "I" need this right now. You, Summer and all. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Kathy said...

OMG, this looks great. Already printing away. Thanks for doing this for us.

Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

This is such a great idea Alicia, thanks so much. And, for anyone reading this that hasn't taken Alicia's organization it's a must, changed my way of scrapbooking forever.