Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week 3 Organizational Post

Well Hello Ladies~

I hope that each of you are getting into the groove of your shopping lists and that you puchased your Sunday paper for coupons. On some holidays though there may not be but you can still get them online as well.

This week we are going to discuss the right side of your shopping list with the Meal Planner.

At least once or twice a week I try a new recipe which usually coincides with using the crockpot. Why? Because most crockpot meals can be prepared the night before and thrown into the pot and into the fridge. Then the next morning before you head off to work you can plop it in, turn it on and go and most if not all of your dinner is ready.

The key to trying new recipes for me is I have a file of new ones that I have printed off the internet, gotten from friends or from magazines. If its a big hit they got into the "Family Favorites" binder. Then we do not have any sad repeats of bad recipes. My family favorites also have moms and grandmas family recipes that we already know are do to stay. One of my favorite sites for recipes is you can search by soo many ways its amazing what you can make.

I always A) Use the crockpot once a week especially on Tuesdays because that is violin nite and it would be 7pm before we ate if I cooked and B) 1-2 new recipes a week to build up our family favorites binder. This helps in the meal planning process. Planning out a weeks meals has unloaded alot of stress from my life. I am not worried at lunch time what to lay out, going to the store for just 1 more thing every day, and always having something to come up with thats not the same ole same ole. I have had the pleasure of literally going to the store once a week and not spending a fortune with just hodge podge stuff in hopes a meal will create itself.

SO plan out your meals for the week, enjoy the organized time for yourself of no stress and enjoy 2 of our favories quick and easy recipes from the Day House.

Cola Pork Chops
4 Pork Chops
1 Cup of Coke
1 Cup of BBQ Sauce
Lay chops in baking pan and mix coke and BBQ sauce together with some cajun seasoning pour over chops bake at 350 degrees for on hour

Red Potatoes(From my SIL Traci)
Slice 10-14 red potatoes into slices with the skin on and layer them into a baking dish and in between each layer throw some butter and seasoning on until you have the desired amount. Throw into microwave covered and cook 5 minutes stir, cook 5 minutes and stir until potatoes are soft. Take out sprinkle some cheese ontop, serve on to plates and add some ranch dressing. VIOLA!! My favorite!!


Brazle's said...

Getting in the groove of organization! YEA! Finished my coupon book this afternoon(not as cute as yours, but functional) and am planning this weeks meals. There are so many other things I want to do in my spare time, what little I have and I look forward to making meals/shopping NOT one of them! Those potatoes are a fav in my house as we are a meat and potato family. Will definitely have to try the pork chops, sounds awesome. Fill me in on some of your crock pot recipes, I do like the one pot meal on wrestling nights!