Sunday, February 03, 2008

February Week 1 Organizing

These are things to make your life a little easier. Even being organized in your cleaning schedule gives you a base to follow so that your big cleaning days dont take as long because you have less work.

We have 7 days in a week; we take off Sundays and schedule each room a day. Mondays: Wip down bathrooms and sweep floors. Tuesday: Wipe down kitchen and sweep floor and hallway floor. Wednesday: Dust living room and dining room and vacuum. Thursday: Dust bedrooms and sweep. Friday: Damage Control; for us this is getting everything in its place. Saturday is laundry day unless I am out of panties cause free bushing it isnt for me.

This schedule each day takes less than 30 minutes so while dinner is going or inbetween shows you can do the light cleaning just to stay caught up. Per Martha Stewarts Homekeeping Handbook there are 6 things to do everyday: 1. Make the bed; 2. Manage the clutter; 3. Sort the mail; 4.Clean as you cook(this one has been a challenge for me). 5. Wipe spills while they are fresh; 6. Sweep the kitchen floor (hint here Swiffer Sweep and Vac (my true love).

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers we are taking it one day at a time around here; with that and Crop Camps abrupt change of states its been hectic. We have a busy week so I can't promise alot of posts but you may be suprised.


Enjoy ladies and assign a day


Tabitha said...

Thank you for the organizing tips. I am fairly well organized but this is helping me take it too a deeper level.