Sunday, February 17, 2008

I just thought things would be back to normal..

I woke up at 8 am to Ryan throwing up, morning 2 of this and I checked on him with plans of going to get my Sunday Eagle and Sonic stop and back home. No such thing, we checked into the ER at 9:30am checked out at 2pm. He was severely dehydrated took 2 pokes for an IV and a seperate one for blood. Not a good experience for a germaphobe anyways because they were full upstairs and full in the ER of sickees so you can imagine.

Anyways.. lets talk organization shall we? I am beginning to see why Martha is soo liked, anytime I research for this blog I get directed to her. This is from her book "Homekeeping Handbook"

I have scheduled one Sunday a month(because these are my at home days to do these things)

Kitchen: was ventilation hood filters(dont have one so I wipe down the inside of my fridge)
Discard food in the freezer that is past its prime

Living Room: Vaccum fireplace screen(dont have one so I replaced this with removing couch and chair cushions and vacuuming them..our couches and chairs eat crums)

Bedrooms: Launder duvet covers, pillow protectors, mattress pads and shams. This is a very good habit to have if you have allergy problems in your house and pets. This cuts down on that problem

Bathrooms: Wip down tub and shower surrounds; scrub grout(good to do with the toothbrush; wipe inside medicene cabinet.

Closets: hang up piles, fix shoes, vacuum or sweep out.

All thru the casa: Dust ceiling fans and portable ones (another good allergy helper) Wipe interior and exterior doors and trims (keeps em nice and pretty, grungy hands and fingers ya know?) Wipe down switch plates and phones with an antibacterial wipe (big germ catcher) and Flush drains with vinegar; boiling water and baking soda.

As you can see I mentioned how to elimate some germs but after my weekend it makes sense to avoid Carlee and I getting the dreaded bug that lurks around every corner. XOXOXO Alicia


Michielle said...

Ohhhh Alicia!!! I'm so sorry that Ryan's been so sick!! What a weekend you've had!! Hopefully, he will start gaining strength and (you and Carlee don't get it)!!! I've sure missed you girl!!!! Lots of LOVE!!!