Sunday, February 24, 2008

This weeks post will be about cosmetics, why you ask? Well because I have an addiction. I know it doesnt seem possible for someone who barely wears any make up at all and loves the simple things but I cannot resist all of the beautiful compacts that come out with the array of colors like these simple and inexpensive too :)

So this week its a few things in the Powder Room; Bathroom or Tinklebox as Carlee calls it.

So the golden rule of bathroom organizing per our wonderful that has become my reference guide for these posts the Martha Stewarts Homekeeping Handbook.

Golden Rules of Bathroom Organizing
  • Group like things together-store all cosmetics in a washable cosmetics bag or plastic bin (subdivide cosmetics into categories if you have lots) all skin care products on the same shelf in your medicine cabinet, all shampoos in one spot under the sink etc. I have a large cabinet with an expandable plastic spice shelf from Wally Word which makes it easier for me to see everything.
  • Git rid of things regularly. Cosmetics have a finite shelf life, as do skin care products and medications. Every year take an inventory, and throw out those items that are expired, you no longer use or are damaged.
  • Keep small items in containers. Hair accessories, bottles of nail polish, brushs and combs will all be easily accesible in see-through plastic bins with neat, easy to read labels.

Some Handy Expiration Dates**Mark with a permanet pen when you 1st open the product***

Moisturizer, Cleanser, Exfoliants and Eye Cream 6-12 Months

Foundation and concealer 6 months

Mascara 3-6 months

Powders (face, blush or eye) 3-6 months for eyeshadow; 6-12 for others

Lip Balm 1-2 years Lip Stick 2-3 years

Nail Polish 1 year (when I did nails this was important the state checked to make sure none had expired)

Fragrances 3 years or longer.

And my biggest question was on washing make-up brushes because I have 2 favorites and I dont want to replace them. Mrs. Marissa Steiner who also always has perfect make-up and is a Mary Kay consultant told me you can wash them with anti-bacterial soap and lay them flat to dry. You can also use what ever cleanser you use as well.


Summer said...

I love this book!!!! I use it all of the time!!! I just love Martha!!!

I have some really awesome MAC face brushes and I was them with my dace soap rinse them really good and squeeze them together to make them all pretty again and let them dry standing up. I keep them in an upright jar!!! That way nothing gets on them and then on my face. Ya feel me chickee!??!!