Monday, February 11, 2008

Ok I am clueless!!

I just realized I didnt post an organizational post yesterday, I promise to do that tonight.

Yesterday morning was eventful see this I happened to be going down 9th to see the neighbor of this house point to smoke and run into his house I flipped a U-ee and told Carlee and her friend to stay in the car, jumped out and ran to the house. Both the husband and wife neighbors of this house and I started pounding on the door and windows hoping noone was inside. The hubby went into the back door and brought their dog out and we continued to try to get the front door open with no luck so we pounded on windows until the police came. They kicked in the front door with an extenguisher in hand and smoke just rolled out. By this time its coming thru every crack that house ever had and they came back out and the fire department went in. I left at this point, no need for me and the girls had Sunday school to attend but it really bothered me. What happens, does someone wait until the family returns back to break it to them or do you just come home to find out that every thing you owned is burnt and your dog is at the pound? How does it work? I would be thankful to have neighbors like these 2 who knew enough that you had a pet and went into your home to save him because you werent home. Ya know?


Shandra said...

WOW!!! What a great thing you did as you drove by. :) I can tell you that the people that live in the house go to church with Diann's daughter Carrie and someone knew the family was at church, so they went to the church to get them and let them know what had happened to their home and their dog.
You are a hero honey!!!