Monday, February 18, 2008

Got something to say, and since this is my blog I can do that and if you wanna judge me thats fine cause this is how I feel:

Who ever made the assumption that Spring Crop Camp and Shandra, Kathy and I were going to crowd 5-6 people at a round table to pack people in for whatever reason you can stop. Or if you heard this please quit forwarding on incorrect information. #1 this is NOT how we do business, one of our rules for ourselves starting Crop Camp was to NOT have crops where everyone is shoulder to shoulder and if you tooted everyone had to clear the building this is INCORRECT!
The MOST would be 3 to a table and this is determined by how many sign up, it may just be 2 that will be determined closer to the date of the crop. We will not ever pack people in to make money we do not believe in that and wouldnt want to be treated that way ourselves.

That being said Thank you to those who are concerned about my hubby this morning was pretty rough especially after he noticed every fish in our aquarium was floating at the time. It seems the heater got stuck and invariably boiled our fish. Not a good smell for someone with a week stomach even worse if you got the flu bug. Nice huh?


chitknit said...

Will you post photos of your socks?



Ida said...

Fortunately I have not heard that and if I had I would have promptly straightened out whomever it came from. I for one LOVE all Crop Camp events and have never been crowded or treated less than wonderfully by you all!
Thanks for the organizational updates...I am trying.... :)

doggiemom said...

There is always some "disatisfied with the world" person out there who wants to make it difficult for you all who try to make it nice for everyone else. We all know that you and the Scrafunattic girls do all that you can to satisfy all the needs of us scrapbookers. There is always one troublemaker in the crowd. I have not had the pleasure of going to Crop Camp yet, but have heard nothing but good from everyone that does make it. Just forget about that one rotten apple out there. They always try to make it bad for everyone else adn eventually it will catch up to them.

Glad to hear that hubby is a feeling little better.

Michielle said...

WHAT???.........I hadn't heard this!!! You girls wouldn't do that!!! The people that said that are CRAZY!!!! Hope you're Tuesday is going well!!! LOVE YA!!

wolffx5 said...

I am sorry you are having problems with rumors but I love the fish story! That is so classic our house as well! Keep smilin'!!!

Donna said...

Obviously they hadn't been to your crop if they thought you would do that!